Argumentative Essay On The Movie 13 Going On 30

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Video Essay: 13 Going on 30 Callie Everett Cumberland University According to Santrock, adolescence is described as the developmental period of transition from childhood to adulthood. This involves biological, cognitive, and socio-emotional changes. This stage begins at age 10-13 and ends in the late teens. The film 13 Going on 30 entails a young girl battling with basic adolescent trials, then suddenly becoming a full fledge adult with a 13 year olds mentality. A break down of the nature of the development of the brain as well as the developmental changes that occur in the biopsychosocial approach will be demonstrated in the text. In 1987 Jenna Rink was an ‘unpopular girl’ with a male best friend and a well established relationship…show more content…
Her parents return and find her in the basement. Confused due to the lack of current relationship, they still let her sleep over. The next day she reminisces by looking through school yearbooks and other items from her school days to catch-up on the 17 years she lost. These inspire her on her return to New York to complete her project for the company with Matt’s photography help. After arranging a magazine photo shoot with Matt, and making a successful presentation for a planned renovated Poise, Jenna learns that Poise is shutting down because the work she put into the re-launch ended up in Sparkle. Jenna learns she was responsible for sabotaging Poise from within by sending their material to Sparkle for months. When Lucy learns this, she cons Matt into signing over the photo rights from the re-launch shoot to her. Lucy accepts the position of Sparkle editor-in-chief, when that was Jenna’s plan all along (despite her knowledge of doing so in prior months). Chapter 11 reviews work, achievement, and career which play a large role in the outcome of Jenna’s adult life. Self-Determination and personal choices in Jenna’s career all had extrinsic motivation to get ahead, be rewarded, and hide the punishment possibility of stealing one magazines ideas and sending them to another. Her young desire to be like the women in magazines is later facilitated by her actual career with the magazine, but young Jenna makes the choice to change the magazine to be more like the real world and real people through her experience of seeing what really matters over all the

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