Cultural Dance Short Story

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This is a simple story of my experience today. It might get boring because I just encoded it right after the incident, but I hope you’ll read till the end. I went to the park early to witness a cultural dance festival. Glad to meet friends there as they greet me with warm tight hugs. I got a pretty good spot to watch the festival, but since it has not yet started, I grabbed some drinks first in a nearby mall. When I got back, as usual my spot was taken and the martial won’t let me in. I searched the place to find another good spot. I tried to climb the second floor of a building, but it was too crowded already. I decided to go home, then with my drink who caused me to lose my dear good spot. Nevertheless, I realized that I just wanted to…show more content…
I smiled at her hoping to get a cute smile back. Sadly, I did not receive the usual kind response or the shy waving of a hand greeting of a child. She instead looked deep into my eyes and to my surprise, she said, “Gaunsa ka diri? Pusilon tika ron,” and all about a sudden she ran after me. Imagine a horror film scene wherein you are chased by Chucky doll? It was mostly like that. Scared, I ran as fast as I can back to the festival grounds to get rid of the girl. I waited for it to finish hoping that when I get home, she would no longer be there. Thank goodness! She isn’t. A few steps to take and I’ll be home safely. Just then there came this 6-year old boy who started to talk bad words and do unlikely stuff to me. I approached him and reprimanded him, but he just laughed in a wicked manner. Feeling so offended and disappointed by what was happening with the current generation of kids, I pushed him causing him to fall to the ground. It really isn’t my thing to hurt kids. Swear, I do love them and want to be around them. However it was out of an uncontrollable and strong impulse that provoked me to push him. Suddenly, an 8-year old boy came barging towards me. He was very angry about what I did. And again, he uttered the words, “Pusilon
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