Gender Stereotypes In Alberto F. Saatchi's Toys

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In his book Babble, Saatchi addresses and questions the subject of that children today are more advanced compared to the children of what we can only assume to be of his generation, because its not made clear. One of the underlining subjects in this chapter is the topic of the sexualisation of children’s toys and the stereotypes that go along with it, questioning the labelling of toys only of boys and only for girls. This is a big problem in the toy market at the moment, Gender stereotypes have been around for a really long time, religion often takes the blame for it. but if you look at some nations with the same religion has a completely different approach when it comes to applying gender stereotypes. One hypothesis that developed a long time ago is, that it is believed that it all started in cultures that participated and practiced agriculture before the industrial revolution. Only hand-held tools where available to plough fields, this practice requires a lot of upper body strength to control the plough as it moves along as well as the animal(Alberto F. Alesina, Paola…show more content…
Children today live in at a much faster rate where society is forcing them to grow up much quicker than what they are suppose to. Being constantly exposed to sexualised advertising and mainstream media where the female body is depicted in a sexualising way but this does not only apply to women, men are being sexualised just as much on a daily level(Weiner : 2007). Children to day are not in this sense more advanced than the past but they are more exposed to the sexualisation of men and women, this is not only applied to media but to the toy industry as well. The girl toy industry has moved on from the loving and nurturing to sexualised and glammed up style where the focus is not on caring but on what you look like, how mach makeup you have on and what you're wearing(Sweet : 2014; Weiner

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