Servant Model Of The Church

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The servant model of the church means that the Church is a motivating factor towards stewardship and responsibility. One of the strengths of seeing the Church as a servant is that we put the words that Jesus gave us into action by helping all who are needy. By following this model, we constantly devote our time and money towards the needs of others because that is what Jesus calls us to do. We ensure that everyone has their basic necessities so that they may fully enjoy God’s goodness. Through enacting this model, we can make this a better world where everyone cares about everyone else, no matter his or her race, ethnicity, social status, economic situation, or anything else. We should never ask or expect anything in return for our good deeds. To live out the servant model of the church, you could go to a soup kitchen or a food-sorting place routinely, whether that be weekly, monthly, or yearly. In Philadelphia, there is an organization called Philabundance where you can go to sort different types of food into boxes. The boxes are then shipped to various programs, which give the food to…show more content…
Throughout Jesus’ public ministry, he performed many miracles where he would make the blind see, or cure a very sick person, or make a paraplegic walk. Jesus’ mission in all of these examples was to serve those who were less fortunate and needy. Jesus was a servant to many people during his life. Also, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples before the Last Supper. This outward sign of Jesus’ humility and servitude demonstrates Jesus’ intentions for us to follow his example as a servant. He didn’t have to wash the disciples’ feet, but he did to emphasize his mission on earth to serve others. In conclusion, the servant model of the church ensures that everyone is served, you can fulfill this through going to service stations such as Philabundance, and Jesus served the sick by curing them and washing the disciples’
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