Similarities Between Mccarthyism And The Crucible

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McCarthyism and The Crucible Communists are hidden in the government, and it is my job to weed them out. In Joseph McCarthy’s mind, this was his duty to track down communist and communist sympathizers. Throughout Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy’s career, he became widely known for his uncommon ideas of traitors planted in the Government. He went through great measures to discover the unfaithful and publicly trial those. Perhaps the biggest outcome was publicly naming ten people as communists in Hollywood, CA. One of the victims was Arthur Miller. McCarthy’s ideas, also known as McCarthyism, were allegations made with unlawful evidence against members of the United States for being pro-communism. One of the members of the theater in Hollywood who were blamed for being a communist supporter was Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller became well known for his play, The Crucible. This play is based on the events from the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred 260 years previously. Although the book was based on incidents that happened in history, Arthur Miller purposely made connections with the McCarthyism practices happening at the time of his writing. “It was not only the rise of ‘McCarthyism’ that moved me, but something which seemed much more weird and mysterious. It was the fact…show more content…
In this time period, the colonies were still a member of Great Britain. The colonies system is based on Theocracy. “ [Theocracy is] a form of government which defers not to civil development of law, but to an interpretation of the will of a God as set out in religious scripture and authorities.” ( Because the attitude of Salem was very Puritan, the beliefs were conservative and individuals saw everything as good or evil. In the play, townspeople became paranoid when they started to witness ‘demonic’ behaviors from a group of girls. The people of the town started accusing the girls of preforming

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