Enzo Vs. Bones: A Comparative Analysis

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Regarding the origin of humans, there are two major schools of thought ‒ the creationists and evolutionists ‒ in which an evolutionist believes that all creatures are linked together, whereas a creationist believes that there is a religious hierarchy which needs to be fulfilled. Interestingly, creationists preach God’s existence, which allows for the feeling of assurance with regards to the afterlife. Likewise, they usually preach that animals are less competent and lack the ability to reason in compared to human beings. This may be true for majority of the animals in the animal kingdom; however, dogs are proven to be as competent as humans due to the fact that dogs are the metaphorical representation of a religious person. This philosophical…show more content…
Both authors intend on conveying a message that dogs resemble human characteristics while being under the influence of religious beliefs. One of the characteristic is faith. The author, Garth Stein, decides that Enzo should be faithful to his plans to be reincarnated as a human. When Enzo talks about his dream about himself claiming that “when [he] return[s] to the world, I will be a man. I will lick my lips with my small dexterous tongue [...] to the world [,] I will be a good citizen [.]” (Stein, 68) The significance of his dream is to resemble Enzo’s confidence and faith on becoming a man in his next life. It also demonstrates Garth Stein’s intentions of giving the message that Enzo is a representation of a religious person. The fact that he exhibits the characteristics of being patient and faithful about his afterlife in becoming a man is similar to a religious person being faithful about their chances of going into heaven. In comparison, Paul Auster intends on conveying the same message that dogs have the characteristics of faith. In his novel, Mr.Bones hopes that he reunites with his master, Willy, in the spirit realm. As Mr.Bones is about to die in the cold, he envisions another visit to Willy: “In the meantime, I want you to be a good boy. Go back to Dog Haven and let them take care of you” (Auster, 177). The fact that Mr.Bones remembers Willy notifying him about his freedom to go visit Timbuktu from Dog Haven, it resembles Paul Auster’s message that dogs are the metaphorical representation of a religious person on their deathbed. The person would believe they are staring into a bright light and seeing angels at the end of the light. This means, Willy is the metaphorical symbol for the angels waiting for Mr.Bones’ to arrive at Dog Haven. Therefore, both Garth Stein and Paul Auster intend on expressing the message that dogs are metaphorical symbols

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