Right And Wrong In X2

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In a world of differing opinions, what people base their morals on has a dramatic affect on what side they lean to on numerous issues. All people have an idea of how they define right and wrong, but few agree on that definition. Almost every decision people make somehow stems from what they place their beliefs and morals in, whether they realize it or not. In film, people encounter numerous examples of morals, even amongst characters within the same film. Exploring the conflicts between two differing races, X2 tackles the issue of morality from several positions. Throughout the film, the humans, Wolverine, and Professor Xavier display differing ideas of right and wrong, most of which do not entirely agree with a Biblical perspective of morality. In X2, the humans base their view of right and wrong on what they feel comfortable with. As knowledge of the mutants spreads, so does the mindset that all mutants pose a threat to humanity. Following in their forefather’s footsteps, they discriminate…show more content…
Instead of choosing a side like almost everyone else, Professor Xavier desires peace between the humans and mutants. While he recognizes that “mutation is not a disease” (X2) and that they should not have to live in fear and scrutiny, he also does not want a war. He respects human lives just as much as he respects those of the mutants, and always searches for the most peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Ultimately, he looks for the best in people, and strives to show that the mutants and humans can coexist. As Proverbs states, “hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses” (ESV, Proverbs 10.2), a principle lived out by Professor Xavier. Until the humans and mutants learn to stop hating each other, conflict will prevail. Likewise, Christians can accomplish so much more when they approach people who disagree with them in love instead of

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