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ABSTRACT: After reading the book Fox’s Earth by Anne Rivers Siddons, one can clearly see that there is a lot of ambition in the book. In this book the writer writes about the life of Ruth Yancey from when she is ten-years-old up to when she is beyond eighty-years-old. Throughout the story, Ruth does a lot of scheming and plotting against the people around her in order to get what she wants. Since the theme of ambition was the one that was most obvious to me, I then came up with the research question: How does Anne Rivers Siddons portray the theme of ambition in Fox’s Earth? Though the research question is about ambition as a theme, I have focused only on the ambition of the protagonist; Ruth Yancey. After taking a closer look at the book, I…show more content…
Once inside the house, her new aim is to not only stay in the house but to also be the one in control of the house. Once this has been done, she works towards finding the perfect heir for the house and goes on to make sure that the heir will be a woman and not a man because she believes men cannot take care of property. After reading the Anne Rivers Siddons’s Fox’s Earth, one has no doubt that Ruth Yancey is a very ambitious lady. The theme of ambition can be seen throughout this book. Anne Rivers Siddons has used several devices to show ambition, its source and the results of that ambition. This assay will be focused on ambition as a theme of the book as this is the theme that most frequent in the book and is there from the beginning right to the end. Also, this is the theme that is most obvious throughout the book. Particularly, I will be focusing on the ambition of the protagonist, not the ambitions of anyone else. Since it is so obvious that everything in the book revolves around Ruth’s ambitious way, I became curious and wanted to explore how exactly the writer has managed to portray the theme of ambition throughout such a thick book of more than 500 pages and so I have come up with the research

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