Frankenstein Passage Analysis

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In her novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley brilliantly recounts the enigmatic tale of the scientist Victor Frankenstein. The telling of the story through a flashback style, allowed me, as the reader, to effortlessly become interested in the novel. Not only did Shelley’s writing cause me to become engaged with the story quickly, it made me feel as if I was by Walton’s side while Victor disclosed his eerie narrative directly to the two of us. Although it was favorable to feel a part of the novel, at times in the story I felt haunted by the horrific descriptions, especially of the monster. Even though in some parts of the novel I may have been shaken, this was not a major setback because by having curiosity and fear instilled into me, I was motivated to delve deeper into reading Victor's tale. Another challenge that I encountered while reading Frankenstein was being able to comprehend the contrasting style of the English language and word choice that Mary Shelley used when she composed this book in the nineteenth century. This style of writing is very proper and sometimes difficult to…show more content…
This passage struck me because it portrays Victor’s insane obsession with science, which is the root of all of his strife. Victor Frankenstein is blinded by this compulsion and allows it to unhealthily take over his life. Exiting the natural world, he enters into a new realm of science as he creates an unnatural and unidentifiable but simultaneously humanlike monster. This strange obsession that Victor possesses ends up not only leading to the consumption of his own life, but the fatalities of several of his loved ones. Also, this quote reveals a similarity between Walton and Frankenstein. Both characters are striving to “pioneer a new way,” as Frankenstein delves into the secrets of life, Walton explores the secrets of the

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