Gregor's Transformation In The Metamorphosis

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From the first sentence of The Metamorphosis, the reader encounters a very strange story. There is no starting normal and slowly reaching the strange climax. Instead, we are presented right away with the problem, and it is up to us to imagine what happened before the story started. We are given a background throughout the story, but figuring out exactly how the past played into the plot of the current story is up to the reader. Going throughout the story, it is easy to see that Gregor received the horrible end of the deal with this transformation, but it is not as obvious to see that his family had just has hard of a time. Even though Gregor obviously didn’t enjoy his transformation, Gregor’s sudden change could have been a punishment also for his family and their lack of drive to help Gregor provide.…show more content…
In fact, that is exactly what he did. We are told upfront that his father was basically taking advantage of him and very much enjoying all of the money Gregor would bring home and place on the table in front of him. Gregor’s generosity actually hurt his family in a way because before “his father was a healthy man, to be sure, but old; he hadn’t done any work for five years and in any case couldn’t be expected to overexert himself; in those five years, which represented his first free time in a laborious though unsuccessful life, he had put on a lot of fat and had thus become pretty slow-moving.” Yes, Gregor’s generosity and high paying job was great for his family when he was able to provide, but the loss of Gregor’s income shows the disservice that he had done by providing for them all. Now, because his family is used to being provided for, they do not have the necessary skills or drive to provide for themselves, and that is all because Gregor made so much

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