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Should School Lunches be Healthier According to Mark A. Pereira, who received his Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health wrote, “Fast food consumption has a strong positive associative with weight gain and insulin resistance, suggesting that fast food increases the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.” (Page 35.) Researchers have proven that having an unhealthy diet can negatively affect a child’s life. Eating healthier can help a person lose weight and help keep their cholesterol and blood pressure at a healthy level. Many times children bring food to school that tastes delicious to them but affect their health. Schools need to make lunches healthier for children to eat to avoid these negative…show more content…
Eating unhealthy foods can cause a child to become overweight and possibly lead to life threatening diseases in the future. To start off, eating unhealthy foods can increase the risk of obesity. According to Rosen Publishing Group, authors of several children's books wrote, “Treating obesity, therefore is important to people suffering from stress and dangers of severe weight problems. As obesity rates are rising in many parts of the world, eventually it will likely impact nearly everyone on the planet” (Rosen Publishing Group 12). When children eat unhealthy, the food may affect how they act in their everyday lives. When a child eats irresponsibly, they may start to feel sick or be in a bad mood, which may be a symptom of a disease. Parents are the main reason children are getting diseases like these. Parents need to pack their children healthier lunches to avoid getting these types of diseases. Another consequence that many children face from unhealthy eating is the unnecessary chemicals they are putting into their bodies. Paula Demand Media states “Unhealthy foods are often high in sodium, fat, cholesterol and sugar. Eating these unhealthy foods on a regular basis can increase your blood pressure as

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