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School lunches are becoming a problem for children across the United States. One man from New York believes that the amount of money that is being paid towards this lunches are not worth the quality that is being received. The man also states that the lunches are still prepared the same way as frozen foods. He also offers an alternative, instead of using frozen, packed, or reheated foods, why not make a few items from scratch so they are edible for the students. Personally, I agree with this idea, we do need more appetizing foods for us to eat and having them actually made by someone might be a good way to get kids to eat more. This man is not the only person who believes that the meals we are getting fed are not edible. “Food and nutrition directors at school districts nationwide say that their trash cans are…show more content…
This quote could also go back to what the man said about the school lunches price being to high for the quality that the students are receiving. Even with the charge being $3, schools are still not making the same amount of money they made before all the food became healthy. If we increased the quality of the food, such as they have in France, for the same amount of money more kids would be likely to buy their lunch from the school. For example, “...in France, where the childhood obesity rate is the lowest in the Western world, a typical four-course school lunch (cucumber salad with vinaigrette, salmon lasagna with spinach, fondue with baguette for dipping and fruit compote for dessert)” (Paragraph 5), and it

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