Should Seniors Get School Lunches Essay

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You may be asking, why should seniors be granted anything over the students? Well, in my opinion seniors have been here the longest and endured many more things than anyone else. Seniors should have the right to leave campus for lunch, get out of school early IF their grades are up to par, and most importantly they should have the honor of being served breakfast in their very own senior parking lot. Seniors have ate school lunch for four years now, and they have been through the horrible decision made by Michelle Obama to make lunches “healthier”, which really the lunches became nastier. I have asked this years seniors how they felt about lunch, and not by much surprise, they all described how nasty and disgusting the food was. Why should seniors remember their last year enduring gross school lunches? They should be granted a “senior lunch pass” which always the students to leave for lunch and then come back. Not only will this be great for seniors, but also for underclassmen because they will be able to get through the lines quicker, sit where they want, and not feel look down upon.…show more content…
It makes no sense! They are seniors, it’s time to let them have more freedom! If a student has no failing grades, and has all his/her credits they can leave after 3rd block. This will allow the students to have more freedom rather than feeling like an underclassmen by having to stay all day. When senioritis kicks in, most of the seniors get signed out anyways or never come. In their minds they believe if I have all my credits why must I be forced to stay? Another way of seniors having a privilege would be either seniors could come in a hour later and leave at the normal bell, or get to school when everyone else does and leave a hour

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