Gender Roles In Walt Disney's The Lion King

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Mass media and which has huge influence over population and is controlling people’s lives.Walt Disney’s The Lion King (1994) is an accomplished film, which is represent of gender roles with animals by using several element of film. Film takes a important part in media and there are images of characters on film actively take role to people understood and experienced in the “real world” (Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin, 2009, p.3). There is a great deal of element to consist film form, one of them is literary design which is includes the story, the setting, the character, the character’s names. Especially character trait and names gives us lots of information about the gender role. In The Lion King(1994) uncle Scar is shown different physical features and…show more content…
Furthermore, other characters refer to him ‘weird’ in general when people say weird, there is some strange situation or you are different than other people. This situation is similar to our community because homosexual and heterosexual people are under pressure so they cannot show their real characteristic feature. As a result, they become a lost people in society. Secondly, female characters are not dominant over the males, they are not ruler in the society and they are only responsible for looking care children and finding food for home. In the film, female lions always seemed to be helpless without their male leader, which indicated that only the male would be capable of leading them because they were ‘stronger’. In this way, one can see how the impact of social difference (race, gender, sexuality, physical ability) can have impact upon one’s economic class status (Harry M. Benshoff and Sean Griffin, 2009, p.10). There are some specific examples of how gender differences affect society. When Scar became the king, the Pride-lands is changed, it has become dark, dry and lifeless. In literally, homosexual people are diseased so they

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