Scarlet Letter Transcendentalism Essay

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Hester Prynne shows transcendentalism in The Scarlet Letter by performing self-reliance, simplicity, and nonconformity. She lives a very simple life, and dresses in simple colors. While she dresses Pearl very colorful and not so simple. She makes just enough money, so she doesn’t buy things that aren’t needed. She shows self-reliance by taking care of herself and Pearl. She knows how to get by without causing trouble and drama. She shows nonconformity by being herself. She doesn’t let the Puritans drive her out of the city. She stands for what she believes in and wears the red “A” proud. She shows self-reliance, she cooks, cleans. She is a single mother, she is trying to make sure Pearl is true to herself and she is the best she can be. She comes to realize people talk about her behind her back and stare at her like she is a caged animal in the zoo. “As she mounts the scaffold for public display with her…show more content…
She dresses in simple bland colors. Nothing to colorful or outgoing. She is trying to stick out any more than she already is. She dresses Pearl in so many different colors. So Pearl can stick out and be who she is, and can enjoy her life. Her life is simple and she doesn’t have too much. All she has to do is wear the red “A”, take of Pearl and the house. And sell her goods food and clothes she mad and take care of the old sick people. She makes clothes too. Some would say she doesn’t show simplicity, because of Pearl. People think Pearl is a witch by her laugh. She acts out a lot. Doesn’t get along with others. Hester fears pearl, and basically walking on egg shells around her. She also has to watch out for the other people who aren’t happy with her punishment. They are what seems to be ruthless for her. She was sent over by herself without her husband and didn’t have a choice. She was a young girl to a new land. She was bound to find someone new. She has been waiting for Chillingworth for a 2

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