Scarlet Letter Transcendentalism Essay

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Hester Prynne is a transcendentalist, Because of her reliance on herself when cast out and alone, she gets a look at her own truth and self in the forest, rebelling against the puritan thoughts she has followed her entire life, showing that she is a nonconformist in a new land made for the purpose of 1 way puritan thought. These things are concepts/key features of transcendentalism, whilst it is never said directly that she is transcendentalist, she naturally leans towards those thoughts. She also quite literally transcends the puritan way and calls her sin holy in her eyes, directly and extremely defying puritan thought. Even stronger than that is her forced and embraced self-reliance, caused by her scarlet letter. When she gets her scarlet letter she is described as haughty, which means she still holds her pride despite her sin. After she gets realized from prison she goes to live on her own in a wooden building outside of town. She lives off of herself sewing and planting food to eat. Not only does she make a living, but she also becomes the new “fashion” of the town with her sewing skill. The fact that she is on her own doing this…show more content…
During this point of the book it’s not just her being a mother wanting to keep her child. Self-reliance is the most important part of transcendentalism, as it has the most weight and the strongest aspect of the philosophy. Self-reliance however when alone is not transcendentalism, just a strong trait of character. However another trait she has that aligns with transcendentalism is non-conformity, which goes hand and hand with self-reliance. And this connection between self-reliance and nonconformity is exceptionally present in Hester Prynne. The fact that she succeeds so well after her punishment and the haughty smile she has upon first wearing the letter, is the start of her

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