Sarah Gets Gang Rape

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It is a film that discussed the rape in quite a direct manner in 1983. The story revolves around a girl who gets gang raped and this was the first time this topic was discussed very openly in a movie. The girl named Sarah who was raped by a drunken gang in the bar, she filed a case against those people and instead of making them pay the person assigned asked Sarah to cut a deal with them. The story then continues around how Sarah works on her own, to make the rapists pay and how she built a strong court case against them. Body The film portrays that Sarah the rape victim was dressed in a provoking manner which resulted in the crime. This is the perspective that the rapper’s lawyer argued about. The media also portrays such women dressed in a revealing manner as prostitutes but this under no circumstances justifies the act done to them. Thus the whole incident was taken very lightly because of the suspicious character of Sarah. In the most prominent scene of the movie when Sarah was raped, she enters a bar…show more content…
Sarah wanted to get justice at any cost. The movie states “Kenneth Joyce confessed to you that he watched a rape and did nothing. He told you that everyone in that bar behaved badly - and he was right. But no matter how immoral it may be, it is not the crime of criminal solicitation to walk away from a rape. It is not the crime of criminal solicitation to silently watch a rape. But it is the crime of criminal solicitation to induce or entreat or encourage or persuade another person to commit a rape.” (Topor, 1988)When she made Kenneth Joyce confessed to being a witness to the incident. The justice was provided to Sarah. At that time with all the evidences the jury had no choice but to grant her the justice as per the laws set for the African Americans and no inferiority or unlawful act could be

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