Ursula K. Leguin's The Left Hand Of Darkness

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Society is a system that is built by people. Unfortunately, society is also a system that contains social issues that influence the actions of injustice made today. However, given the proper guidance towards redemption, society can find itself towards social acceptance. In Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, the novel demonstrates the social issues that has caused individuals within society to be controlling and discriminatory. Firstly, she shows the dysfunctional political system of society, through the roles of her characters, specifically, the governmental system of Orgoreyn and Karhide. LeGuin, presents the loss of reality that these political leaders are consumed with. Secondly, LeGuin brings into question the understanding…show more content…
As people, to be able to acknowledge the faults committed, it is shown to be fearful and shameful. Through King Argaven’s character, it becomes a reflection of the human emotion and thought process of denial and to not accept. LeGuin, explains that the human pride within society has clouded the sense of judgement of the right and wrong, thus leading towards the choices that become the path towards defeat. King Argaven, becomes the self-reflection of the controlled behaviour within human beings. In the following quotation, it introduces a description of the understanding of the controlled human behaviour through the perception of main character, Ai, "But they are overcautious men, afraid to act. Instead of proclaiming you, they hid you, and so lost their chance, and sold you to the Sarf to save their own pelts." (LeGuin 14.53) This quotation, emphasizes the deceitful behaviour of those who become infatuated of the corrupted governmental system. LeGuin, creates this understanding of the temptation that power and control has over an individual, thus causing them into having the behaviour of the obsession for power. Through these political characters, LeGuin creates a tableau of the over-powered and controlled environment, society has placed for its people and the unrealistic standards of the society’s

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