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In 2008 Mack was stripped from his freedom and career after a one night stand led to a charge of rape and drink spiking. Following a trial he was found guilty – landing him in a maximum security prison, which he had to endure while fighting to prove his innocence. In jail he sent Rob Sitch a letter explaining he wanted to turn his story into a film. In 2011, the Supreme Court of Victoria overturned his conviction on appeal after one week of a retrial, setting Lindon free. Mack was able to clear his name and put his days in prison behind him. Driven to share his story through film, he used Rob’s advice and created a storyboard and outline he would use to pitch to investors and actors. Inspired by the sequence of events, Gold Coast filmmaker,…show more content…
Directed and written by Mack Lindon, music by Jake R. Sanderson, production company - Vision Film Australia, distributed by Pinnacle Films. It was written and directed by Mack Lindon and is based on Lindon's own experience. The film follows real life events, which is told through the character of a young nurse, Will McIntyre, accused of rape after a night of clubbing ends in what he recalls as a drunken but consensual sexual encounter. Sentenced to six years in jail, he fights to prove his innocence, keeping up his spirits with aid from his Christian faith. Rise is about life, it’s about life inside and there’s a lot of pressure. “In the beginning, apart from a handful of people, few people knew that the story wasn’t just written by me, it actually happened to me,” Mack explains. Responsible for writing, producing and directing “Rise”, Mack says the story isn’t about the accuser. “It’s about encouraging people to carry on against all odds. It’s about the injustice that a legal system can find you guilty, then years later not guilty and not be compensated. I’ve turned something bad into a blessing, it has allowed me to define my character and I’ve been able to make a film people can be inspired by. Forgiveness is the key to moving forward.” Mack passion brings dream alive. In 2010, he and wife Emma launched Vision Films Australia. The duo have since created an

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