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Introduction Lactase is an enzyme in the product Lactaid which is used for people that are intolerant to dairy products. Lactose is milk sugar, people that are intolerant to lactose can’t properly digest the lactose. This improper digestion is because lactase isn't being formed in the small intestine, this is problematic because then the milk sugars aren’t being broken down. This can result in many different issues, one of them being that the lactose just gets fermented from the bacterium which is inside the intestine. This can result in bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Purpose The purpose of this lab is to determine if the product ‘Lactaid’ actually does what it says it does. Hypothesis I think that the lactase enzyme in the lactaid will be present…show more content…
Gather the materials necessary for the procedure 2. Put a sample of water, untreated milk, treated milk, glucose and water, lactose and water into individual spots in the spot plate provided. 3. Then get a glucose strip cut it into little squares, use tweezers then place the piece of strip in the solution for 2 seconds, then place into a paper, wait 60 seconds for results and compare the results you got to the colour code on the glucose strip package. 4. Taste the treated and untreated milk so identify if there is a difference in taste when there is lactase in the milk. 5. Dispose of the solutions and materials in a safe manner and as directed by the teacher. Data Table Product Glucose test Kirsten’s taste test Water 0%…show more content…
Since lactose is such a large molecule it can’t be absorbed into your body. It needs to be broken down by lactase into two smaller parts, galactose and glucose. These parts are easier for your body to absorb. They then get taken in by the cells of your small intestine and used to provide you with energy. If your body doesn’t then the lactose just dwells in your digestive system and isn’t in proper form to be managed by your body. Sucrase is also an important molecule that breaks sucrose, sugar down into two smaller parts, fructose and glucose. The reaction that occurs on sucrose involves adding water in order to break the

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