Sad Characters In The Great Gatsby

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There are many ways people use each other without the other person knowing, an example of this would be in The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. All throughout the book it is clearly shown that Gatsby is taken advantage of by many different people, and yet he is oblivious of this. He also exaggerates his past to impress the one person he loves most. We start to see his “friends” true colors towards him in the darkest of times during Gatsby’s death. Gatsby can be portrayed as a used and sad character through the entire book. An example of this is Daisy taking advantage of Gatsby’s love without him even suspecting it. To introduce, the first example is the fact that before Nick Carraway had entered Gatsby’s life, the only type of friendship…show more content…
Nick goes out of his way to get people to attend his funeral, but has no luck with anybody except Gatsby’s father. Not even Daisy thinks about going to the funeral to at least pay respects to the man. Meyer Wolfsheim one of Gatsby’s business associates also doesn’t bother going, and doesn’t even give a valid excuse to not go. “ I can’t do it- I can’t get mixed up in it” (Fitzgerald 171). Wolfsheim was Gatsby’s closest friend, and said when he was younger if his friends died he would stick with them until the end. This should not make it any different, if anything he should feel guilty for not even paying his respects towards Gatsby. However, Wolfsheim had said something very interesting, “Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead” (Fitzgerald 172). Here Wolfsheim is basically saying he knows he was not a true friend of Gatsby’s and does not feel right to appreciate him now that he is dead, however it still doesn’t seem morally correct. Although speaking of Gatsby’s close acquaintances, there other people who have used him for his parties and alcohol. Nobody at these parties bothered to find Gatsby and get to known him as a person, they all just went to have a fun time. All this shows how he was treated by all the other people and he was used by everyone at the parties. Nick is one of the only people who tried to know and appreciate Gatsby. When Gatsby dies, he dies thinking that Daisy was calling him, however it was Nick who called him. This part was so sad because Daisy never actually called him, but he died thinking so and he died happy thinking about it. The worst part is that Gatsby was blamed for everything. Everybody thinks he killed Myrtle, commited the hit and run, however Nick knows the truth. Everyone now thinks that Gatsby is a
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