Loneliness In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was a great story with a crappy ending. The story was great but then it seemed like that Fitzgerald ran out of paper and he had to finish up the story fast, he just starts killing characters left and right. Being one of the characters killed, James Gatsby was definitely one of the more strange characters. After getting a new neighbor, Nick, Gatsby finally has a person to deal with his problems with. and then the story goes downhill from there. Gatsby can be seen as a mysterious, lonely, or even shy. Because of the way Fitzgerald describes Gatsby’s characteristics it is meant so that one will feel sorry for him. Gatsby can be seen as a very lonely character, He has a giant mansion with copious amounts of money. Gatsby can have anything he has ever wanted but there is still a hole, inside of him, that he can’t fill with money. It can only be filled with the love of, his neighbor across the bay, Daisy. But something happens at the beginning of the book, Gatsby get a new neighbor named Nick. Nick becomes Gatsby’s only true friend. Gatsby and Nick don’t officially…show more content…
He ,missed so greatly that he “bought that house so Daisy would be across the bay.”(78) He had lived across from her for five whole years and, her not even knowing that he lived there, was too afraid to make a move until now using his neighbor, he hardly knows to try to win her over. He just waits and waits for her to come over to a party of his even though she will never come to one of them, he still has that hope of her coming. Therefore his love for daisy made him probably the most awkward character in the novel. When Nick invites Daisy over for tea with them. He fails to thank Nick and instead fumbles over silly things about Nick’s lawn without being too clear. Gatsby finally sees Daisy and does absolutely nothing at all besides stare at her for thirty seconds in a strained
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