How Is Jay Gatsby A Tragic Hero

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"According to Aristotle’s characteristics of a tragic hero, the tragic hero must be noble and he must occupy a high-status position, there should be a tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall; his downfall is usually due to his over-confidence, the tragedy is usually raised by some error of judgement or some character flaw and the audience must feel pity and fear for this character" (Kaura). In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby is illustrated as a tragic hero due to his tragic flaw, his errors in judgment, and finally because his tragic flaw leads to his tragic fall. Gatsby's sad imperfection is that his perspective of the world is blocked by his own particular guileless optimism. It is clear to the peruser that Gatsby is…show more content…
This demonstrates that even Nick, his closest companion and the particular case that sticks up for Gatsby the most, sees that Gatsby sees Daisy to be perfect and great. Gatsby does not see things as they truly are and anticipates that them will play out precisely as he supposes they will. A sample of this is when Nick is conversing with Gatsby after a gathering and he tells Gatsby that he can't rehash the past, and Gatsby reacts, “‘Can’t repeat the past?’…. ‘Why of course you can!’” (106). This dream, that he can rehash the past and re-try everything, blinds Gatsby to what is going on directly before him. It appears to be just as he doesn't understand how foolish the thought of getting Daisy adoration is. Gatsby's vision additionally blinds him to how Daisy truly acts and what her identity is similar to. A case of this can be seen in the symbolism of the novel. All through the novel white is utilized as symbolism for unadulterated and guiltless, while yellow speaks of corruption. A daisy has white petals and a yellow focus. This symbolism relates on the

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