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The Best Position The running back position in football is a very fun position to play. Even though it can bring such enjoyment, it can be insanely tough. The running back has various duties on the field, and he has to be good at all of them. These things being agility, aggression, awareness, vision, and pass protection. A running back will succeed if these areas are mastered. Every skill player on the football field needs to have some type of agility, but the running back should be the most agile player on the field. Especially if the type of offense being ran is the spread offense. This whole offense is based on speed, and is aimed to get the defense tired. It also has many looks so the defense can become confused. A spread running back…show more content…
The main thing to do while running the ball is to always have your head up while receiving a handoff. Also be patient with the offensive line to open the gaps in the line. Do not just run straight into the line, but wait till the gap opens the burst through it. This trait is very appreciated by a coach or fan. This will increase you yards per attempt because there will always be some type of open space. Pass protection is very important to any offense. Most backs have a very hard time at having success at it. It requires a lot of practice, and the best place to get that help is from the offensive line. They do it every play, and it will only take a few reps with them to get used to it. There is never a play off while playing running back. Your head will always have to be on a swivel to find the unmatched rusher. The basics of blocking is all in the position of your legs. Having your legs placed right so that you can have stability will help tremendously. In all running back is a very fun position, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. It only takes a small amount of practice to be good at it. It will always be a position that you want

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