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What if a test could provide a shockingly accurate description of a person’s demeanor? Well the Rorschach Test does. The Rorschach Test is a test with ink splattered on paper then folded so they are symmetrical. The test taker then is asked to tell the tester what he or she sees. He or she is supposed to see an image or picture in the image. Despite the common belief that Rorschach are meaningless and unreliable, they actually provide accurate descriptions of a person’s persona. The primary reason why Rorschach Tests provide accurate descriptions of a person’s demeanor is because the psychologist in Source A, states that Rorschach Tests provide valid responses. Even though this type of test, seems weird and meaningless, they provide meticulous information on the person’s demeanor. After Dr. Mike Drayton took a Rorschach test, his response was surprisingly different than what he expected. The doctor says, “However when the test was scored and interpreted, it provided a scarily accurate profile of my personality” (Source A). Once one of these tests are scored and interpreted, it shows a very accurate understanding of how the person thinks and who they are as a person. The psychologist says, “It knew things…show more content…
Based on their response, a person’s results will change. A person is either be shown negatively or positively which helps to determine the person’s personality. For example, “Many psychologists use these tests to see how people find and create meaning through their thought processes without any guidance” (Source B). These tests are used to examine people’s thought processes and how people create meanings or interpretation through their response and how they got their answers; therefore, Rorschach tests are accurate and not

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