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The Moon Landings - Did it Really Happen? In the year of 1969, Apollo 11 was sent into outer space so that it can land on the moon. Today people look at that event, and they know it as one of the best days in history. But, before that, the USA and Soviet Union were in a “Space Race”. They were trying to see who would get to the moon first. At that time, the Soviet Union had better technology than us. The USA was losing the “Space Race”. Many people today have started to believe that the Moon Landings were faked. They believe that because we were losing, the USA faked landing on the moon just so they can win the “Space Race”. I, for one, believe that the Moon Landings were faked also. I believe that the USA wanted to be the dominate country. so they faked going to the moon just so they could have that sense of power and dominance. They were selfish. They wanted the victory to themselves. But, others believe that the moon landings were real. they believe that the moon landings weren’t faked and that there is no need for a controversy this huge. but, I believe that a debate is very much needed. But, I’ll let you form your own opinion about that. One of my reasons for believing so, is in Evidence Number 2. The astronauts, before they went up into space, trained in a fake moon environment so…show more content…
They took pictures of the moon that were supposedly taken miles apart. Each picture had the exact same background. If the pictures were taken miles apart then why do they have the identical backgrounds. this leads me to believe that the moon landings were faked. For example, if i went to the park, took a series of photos, miles apart, i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have the same background. One pictures background may be trees while another pictures background could be a big slide. Same for the moon. if i took a series of photos then we cn all agree that the backgrounds should be

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