To What Extent Are Romeo And Juliet Still Relevant Today

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"Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?/Deny thy father and refuse thy name..." (Act 2, Scene 2). Sound familar? Believe it or not, teens still do this very same thing. Many kids fall in love ridiculously fast and will risk anything to be together. Romeo and Juliet is still relevant to modern audiences for the following reasons. First, many teens fall quickly in love just like Romeo and Juliet. Next, a character named Mercutio makes the play even more relatable. Finally, Romeo and Juliet rebel and do what they think is best just like many teens. Therefore, the play is relatable to modern day audiences. To start, teenagers fall in love quickly. Take Act 1, Scene 5 as an example. "If I profane with my/unworthiest hand/this holy shrine my gentle sin is this/my lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand/to smooth that rough touch with a gentle kiss." In this scene, the first thing Romeo does when he meets Juliet is holds her hand as asks her to kiss him. Of course, she does. This is very common act, and I know countless girls who have done the same thing. Another piece of evidence is when Juliet is out on her balcony, dreaming of Romeo. She says…show more content…
In Act 4, Scene one Juliet pleads, "Give me, give me! O, tell not me of fear!". Juliet decides to drink the sleeping potion because of Romeo. She does this because she thinks she is doing the right thing. But, fate shows that what she did was drastically horrible. Her drinking the vile was the cause of both her and Romeo's death. Vice versa, Romeo does the same thing. In Act 5, Scene 3, "Here’s to my love! / O true apothecary,". Again, Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and does what he thinks is best by acting in the moment, not knowing the truth. This is the same for modern day teens. They act in the moment, thinking they know everything when in reality they dont. Therefore, it is relevant to modern day

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