Names In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play “The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,” written by William Shakespeare, the constant reminder that Romeo and Juliet can never reveal their love for each other because of their last names become a key obstacle while the drama progresses. The names Capulet and Montague are names of the feuding families in the story, which ironically, the two lovers are on opposing sides. In the fifteen-hundreds, names held power, status, and some form of symbolism. Names today don’t contain much importance, albeit with some exceptions for famous celebrities or royalty. In the United States it is now estimated that somewhere between forty-five and sixty percent of parental affluence is reflected in their children's life outcomes (Blumner, Robyn). By parental affluence, they mean their family name. In today’s time period, people can’t help what family they’re born into, but they can help which path to take into the world. In fifteenth century Europe, people born into a rich family were very privileged compared to the people born into a poor family. Much like fifteenth century Europe, many children are passed down many opportunities depending on their family name.…show more content…
Like say, the Kardashians. The children born into that family are no different than any other person, but because of their last name, they get special attention and millions of dollars’ worth of inheritance. Likewise, royalty was passed on to the children in royal families. Both today and in Europe, status was passed down from parents to children. America is still living off its reputation as a meritocracy where working hard can earn you a piece of the American dream, but the economic realities are telling a different story (Blumner, Roybn). This statement by Blumner refers to the way people with powerful names don’t have to work for recognition as much as someone who has had to work hard to be where they are without a
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