Personal Narrative: My Roller Coaster Ride

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Throughout most of my teenage years, I was often described as a wallflower. I rarely left a remarkable impression on people and often lacked confidence, until I went to Universal Studios. I had always held a deep fear of thrill rides, because they were unknown to me. The imminent threat of roller coasters stirred a feeling of uneasiness within me. However, a part of me was determined to ride at least one roller coaster. I ventured forth and selected one of the most terrifying rides I could find. With sweating hands and shaking legs, I boarded the ride and within moments it was over. In those fleeting moments, however, I realized that pushing your comfort zone just a little, leaves one with a sense of fulfillment. Since that day I have made…show more content…
I have found a passion for educating and helping my peers to the best of my ability, because before the roller coasters, I would have been hesitant to speak to an unfamiliar person. Now, I hold the title of president in my school's volunteer club, and have joined several other clubs. My character is defined through roller coasters, because life itself is a wild ride. There will be days when one has their ups and downs, but each day should leave one with a feeling of excitement for the next. My goal is to experience joy for the day I am currently in, and have an unbridled enthusiasm for the following day. I face each challenge as if it was a giant loop, and simply blast through it. Through these thrill seeking rides I have gained not only confidence that is exuded externally, but one is that experienced internally. I feel reassured that I can accomplish my goals of helping others and leaving a memorable mark on this world. I am confident that my intelligence is up to par with the world, and that has shown through my development with STEM Scholars, National Honors Society and the National Society of High School

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