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As a world leader and a world power, it is imperative that the United States assumes the role of world policeman. Although this idea is proven, I should first explain the importance of having a world policeman. This role is so vital that without it, the world community would crumble faster and more completely. The idea is based off the fact that when violence and danger are present on Earth, someone will have to protect the rest of the peaceful people in the world. The United States of America needs to police the world and fill this vital role because one, as a country we are the most capable and likely to make effective actions, two, we will prevent groups from completing terrorists attacks, specifically Islamic radicalism and lastly, we…show more content…
We are a country that contains a strong military, a thriving economy and a strong belief in the liberty of our citizens. Our infamous military involvement stems from President Roosevelt’s belief that the US is obligated to defend any civilization when help is necessary. Because of this, American soldiers have fought in Afghanistan, Guam, Bosnia and an additional 150 countries around the world. Currently, we have 150,560 soldiers stationed in foreign countries ranging from South Korea to Germany. This is also why the US Navy patrols the seas to prevent the smuggling of illegal resources and immigrants. These are the components of an effective and needed world policeman. We have learned from past events that we cannot ignore imminent danger nor count on others for protection. If we fail to play a proactive role in areas of unrest, as a world power, we will suffer the greatest. When looking at other alternatives to fill the role of world policeman, both the UN and NATO come to mind. Although they are often considered, they cannot compare to the United…show more content…
In response to the acts, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan stated that, “We are shocked by it, we're out­raged, we're sickened by it. Peacekeepers who have been sworn to assist those in need, particularly those who have been victims of sexual violence, instead have caused grievous harm” This scandal along with others in the past makes a mockery of the UN’s commitment to supporting basic human rights. It proves that in a time where the most vulnerable people needed help, a betrayal of trust was revealed instead of a helping hand. My next contention on why the US should assume the role of world policeman is that we can prevent rogue leaders from spreading havoc outside of their borders. Rogue dictators in both today’s world and in the past do not have the interest of their people or the world in mind. If they see an opportunity to take over another country, they will gladly do so and danger even more innocent people. In addition, if a dictator has his hands on a nuclear weapon, the amount of immediate destruction created could potentially harm the entire

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