Role Of Women In Medieval Times

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What were the main roles of peasant women & women in the medieval time and how did that affect their social status? The life of a peasant women in the middle ages was very hard because men took all the jobs. Peasant women started working on the family farm when they were ready to do work like hauling water buckets, and planting the seeds for that year harvest. When the peasant women grew up, the harder the jobs got. Peasant women got married around the age of 20 because her family would need her help around the home and fields, married women belonged in the village and home while the men would be in the fields, roads, and forest. Women usually woke up and started making breakfast for her husbands and kids. They then went to work on the fields during harvest season, women were a very important in the farming because they planted, and watered which saved the men to do the harder jobs. Women had a lot of roles in medieval society for example one of the most common role was to sew,weave, or knit clothes for her…show more content…
The second group was the peasant women group, this is where equality between men and women was more common since women worked just as hard as men, the peasant women had a very low status because the more upper classes like nuns and nobles had a more fortune and glamor than the peasant women. The third and final group are the noble women. The noble women had more fortune than any of the other classes, they were treated more fairly than peasant women, they also had more power, for example if the husbands of noble women left to war, the noble women would have control over the

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