J. D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye

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One thing I have learned is that college life is not for everyone, while in earlier years my perspective was that if you did not attend a university, then you were vapid. Holden, the main character of the story, seemed out of his rightful mind and did not belong in college. Since Holden was failing out of Pencey Prep, it gave the story a vibe that there was something unsettling to where he could not concentrate on his schooling. As the story went on we got to see the full point of view on his life and how he handles vast complications. Holden Caulfield, who is a deranged and psychotic 17 year-old, seems to not be in the right state of mind. Holden acts around his college peers extremely peculiar and atypical. The description of the story is…show more content…
What I finally realized is that it was a symbol in the story. It had popped up midway in the story, but its true meaning came out when Phoebe, Holden’s younger sister, asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Holden then stated that imagines a field of rye perched high on a cliff, full of children romping and playing. He says he would like to protect the children from falling off the edge of the cliff by “catching” them if they were on the verge of tumbling over. The song he imagines in his head about this symbol is about if it is okay for two people to have romantic encounters out in a field away from the public eye. The true symbol is that Holden wants to catch children before they fall out of innocence into knowledge of the adult world, including knowledge of sex. A symbol in the story is Holden’s red hat that he wears, which pertains to American literature. This hat symbolizes the uniqueness and how differentiated Holden is compared to the rest of the world, which could explain why he is crazy. Another symbol in the story is the ducks in the Central Park Lagoon. These ducks symbolized the youth Holden still has in him, even though throughout the story he seems to have distraught teenage life. I believe that this was trying to show Holden’s mysterious and curious side, but what the ducks could symbolize is Allie’s death. It can be represented by this because

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