Importance Of Employee Selection

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Selecting the right employees is important because of performance, costs and legal obligations. Employees with the right skills will perform better for the company. It will be a waste of money if the employee has none of the required skills and cannot perform because the hiring process is costly on top of paying them their salary. Company also has to abide to legal obligations where the equal employment laws state that a company hiring requires nondiscriminatory selection procedures. Therefore, a company has to use selection tools that that is reliable and valid in employee selection. Reliability is the consistency of scores obtained by the same person when retested with the identical tests or with alternate forms of the same test. Reliability…show more content…
Test validity refers to the correctness of the inferences that we can make based on the test. In relations with the importance of validity in employee selection, this test often refers to evidence that the test is job related. There are different ways to demonstrate a test’s validity. One way is by the content validity. It is a demonstration that the content of a selection procedure is representative of important aspects of performance on the job. A test that is content valid is one that contains a fair sample of the tasks and skills actually needed for the job. Criterion validity comprises demonstrating statistically a relationship between scores on a selection procedure and job performance of a sample of workers. It is a type of validity based on showing that scores on the test are related to job performance, meaning to say that those who score well on the test is assumed to do well on the job. A test that shows that a selection procedure measures a construct and that construct is important for successful job performance is called the construct validity. Invalid tests are a waste of time and tests that a company bought from existing supplies should include information on their validity. Preferably, these tests need to be revalidated with the jobs at…show more content…
This is to specify the human characters and skills that are believed to be required for job performance. These requirements are the predictors, whereby the human characters and skills will predict success on the job. The standards of success are criteria. We can use production-related criteria such as quality, quantity and so on, or we can use personnel data like their absenteeism and length of service. Other than those, we can also see by worker’s performance reported by their supervisors. Step 2: Choose the tests Once we have known the requirements or predictors, we have to decide on how we test for them. This choice is usually based on experience, previous research or best guesses. Several tests will be chosen and combine them into a test battery that aims to measure a list of possible predictors. There are many types of tests such as using the skills of an industrial psychologist, or virtual tests published by firms through means like websites. Nonetheless, tests should be used in a manner that is consistent with equal employment laws and in a manner that is ethical and protect the test taker’s privacy. Step 3: Administer the

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