Sarah Harrington: A Short Story

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Twas the night before the first day of school for Sarah Harrington. She awoke at midnight and moaned in disbelief that she was up this late on a school night, thinking she won’t fall back asleep. As she stared at her phone, scrolling through her favorite Tumblr blog, there was a small knock on her closet door. Sarah attempted to ignore it, but there was another knock, way louder than before. She dropped her phone, as her heart beat as fast as a woodpecker, pecking a tree. Her feet moved so quick, it was like they had a mind of their own. As she hustled down the hallway, there was crack right behind her, and she started to beat on her parents door. Of course, they claimed it was the wind and, forced her back into her room. Sarah was still up almost three hours later, reading a book, to keep her mind occupied. As she drifted off to sleep, there was a loud, ear piercing scratching, sound coming from under her bed. The scratching…show more content…
Thoughts flowing through her head, she got up, turned off the light, and sat under her covers, waiting for this dreadful night to end. Then the light turned on. As she ripped the blanket off her head, the room turned pitch black. She then started to tear up, with all hope lost. Then the knocking started again, but at her window. Sarah sprinted to her window and flung it open. The backyard light was off, so it was too dark and make out anything back there. The the closet doors began to violently shake. She slowly crept towards the closet. Suddenly, her bedroom door creaked open and she peered out into the hallway, but when she turned back to her closet, she let out a loud screech. Her parent rushed down the hall, and her father grabbed a metal baseball bat, the only weapon in the house. As soon as they entered the room, a large shadowy figure grabbed Sarah by the throat. Her dad ran up to it and began to swing, but it already had sunk it’s teeth into Sarah’s

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