Role Of Choice In Macbeth

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Good beats evil If there would not exist something like ‘choice’, life would be much easier. People have to make choices in life that can result in either something positive or negative. Often choices play a prominent role in literature as well and the play Macbeth, written around 1600 by the famous dramatist William Shakespeare, is no exception. In Macbeth the theme of choice plays an important role and the choices that are made by various characters often have a huge impact on their lives. The protagonist of the play, Macbeth, is on that score a good example: the evil choices that are made by Macbeth eventually lead to his own downfall. The first prominent choice that Macbeth makes is to kill Duncan. At the beginning of the story the three witches make a prophecy:…show more content…
Next Ross tells Macbeth about his new title as Thane of Cawdor and Macbeth starts doubting whether he has to kill Duncan. Macbeth viewed this as a sign the witches prophecies were valid as one had come true. Macbeth became consumed with the witches’ premonitions. After that, Duncan announces that his son, Malcom, will succeed him as the next King of Scotland, and that is the point where Macbeth starts to worry. Although Macbeth is afraid of the consequences his plan could have, his plan is getting more and more serious. Eventually, with the help of Lady Macbeth, he makes the decision to kill Duncan with the idea that he will become the new King of Scotland. It is a decision that will change his life and Macbeth realizes it. Right after he has killed Duncan, he already begins to regret murdering Duncan, but he cannot change it anymore. With making the choice to kill Duncan, Macbeth makes himself suspicious and this leads to the second important choice that Macbeth

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