Summary Of The Movie 'Natural Born Killers'

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Many killers have pictured themselves murdering other prior to committing the actual crime. They have this dream or vision of how it feels and they desire it even. The movie may have just put her over the edge and brought her to committing the murders after watching it on the screen and having a vivid visualization of the thrill that killing could bring her as it brought the characters in the movie. Angela Crosby and her boyfriend, as put by the Savannah Morning News, were just “copycat killers” who attempted to gain lust and thrill by“embarking on a life of crime emulating two of the main characters in "Natural Born Killers””. Dr. Gurian has research on a specific female offender case that shows a female who although didn't commit the murder herself, is still at fault for them. This case consist of a female although responsible with the killing she was not the one who physically killed the victim in the brutal manor that it happened. She had hired a hitman to murder her husbands elderly mother who when dead would have insurance money headed toward her son and her sons wife.…show more content…
This can be because of how many woman are killed by male serial killers that it seems obvious that any woman would be so appalled by the fact that now a woman would be able to kill another woman. And unlike the woman who kill and assist in the killing and or the raping of other woman there are woman who kill men and claim self defense in doing it. Example in this case being the case of Aileen Wuornos. These types of killers have been dubbed “feminazis” by Lorette C. Thiessen in her article “When A Woman Rapes And Kills”. This term means that the women who kill and cry self defense are exploiting their female role and believe that every man is out to hurt them when in fact they just generalize every man as someone who hurts females and would kill them if they ever felt the slightest

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