What Role Do The Weird Sisters Play In Macbeth

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The weird sisters play an important role in Macbeth. They make suggestions to Macbeth about the future however they do not force him to commit any of his monstrous actions and this will be argued with reference to Macbeth as a whole. In the opening sequence the witches believe "what foul is fair and what's fair is foul" and they predict macbeths imminent arrival. Using their powers of foresight they hail Macbeth "all hail thane of glamis" then "hail thane of cawdor". For their final prediction hail to thee king of Scotland". It is at this point that Macbeth begins his downward spiral which will eventually lead to his untimely death.This predictions appeal to Macbeth because he is a deeply ambitious and has the greatest potential for evil. As Macbeth goes on to commit his heinous acts the influence of the witches is still apparent. Although their powers are limited one can see that they do posses some magical powers "wither are they vanished." Macbeth places a lot of trust in the witches prophecies " they met me in the day of success, I have learned by the prefectest report, that I have more than mortal knowledge."…show more content…
Macbeth is ruled by passion as he goes onto murder Duncan breaking the chain of being this is one of the many examples of the main theme in Macbeth the reversal of the natural order "what's foul is fair and what's fair is foul." The witches planted this idea in macbeth's mind by their careful use of equivocation though they did predict that Macbeth would being they did not detail how he would rise to power This is how Macbeth gets drawn in by the forces of darkness. Once Macbeth is king he goes to see the witches once again and the witches have been waiting for him brewing a potion " Double, double toil and trouble, crore burn and cauldron

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