Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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At some points in our lifetimes, the world, and sometimes people’s perspectives of the World, can become dull at times, which is why, it is often times, an excellent implement to put a new interesting twist on life. Similarly to real life, where people get bored sometimes, and need new ideas or a new perspective, sometimes, in books, and short stories like: “The Most Dangerous Game,” characters become bored too. General Zaroff was a hunter, and he became tired, and bored with hunting, and needed to do something new to improve his experience. A guy named Rainsford was also a hunter, and was hunted by General Zaroff. In “The Most Dangerous Game,” the author uses intense characterization to show that people need fresh, new perspectives on their activities every once in awhile to maintain an interest in the activity.…show more content…
This happens especially if a person is perfect at the activity that is being done. This was what happened to General Zaroff, he achieved perfection at hunting, and became disinterested with his sport/activity. General Zaroff required something to renew the activity. The text reports that General Zaroff was becoming fatigued with hunting “Hunting was beginning to bore me!”, and, “There is no greater bore than perfection.” (Richard Connell, page nine). This is important, because this idea sets up the premise of the short story, and therefore the rest of the story. Every so often, people become disinterested with their activities; everyone becomes bored sometimes, boredom just happens to be a part of human nature. Accordingly to this fact of human nature, that people, (and characters) become tired of activities, society generally attempts to revitalize their well-worn
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