Grapes Of Wrath Literary Analysis

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The factors that determine whether a book is a classic or not can vary based on one’s ideas. Whether it is the age of the book or the values it expresses, classic books all have something in common. What makes a classic a classic is the fact that the themes it expresses are still relevant in today’s society, it still has a wide audience even after its time, and it uses eloquent rhetorical devices, such as similes and metaphors to bring the writing to life. To begin with, classic novels contain themes that are still important in today’s world. The Grapes of Wrath contains many meaningful themes that still have relevance. One such theme is people need to work together and help those in need (Steinbeck). Expressed in many passages, a prime example would be the Joads helping out the Wilsons. While both families are poor and unfortunate, the Joads still take time to fix their car and help them continue their journey. This theme of helping others is still one we see a lot today, whether its helping a classmate complete an assignment…show more content…
For the Grapes of Wrath, 14 million copies have been sold since 1939 (Chilton). That amounts to nearly 200,000 copies being sold each year. This is a pretty big number for a book that has been out for over 76 years. There are numerous factors that could contribute to such a large audience. The fact that it is required reading in AP English Language courses contributes to its being read consistently each year. Another important factor contributing to its popularity is the fact that it is a highly accurate depiction of the Great Depression (DeMott). Steinbeck wrote the novel after extensive research and observations because he experienced the depression himself. The fact that he was there contributes to the accuracy of the novel. Overall, The Grapes of Wrath is still widely read as shown by sales numbers and due to its overall historical

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