Hispanic Heritage Month Research Paper

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Hispanic heritage month is the month of September 15th to October 15th. This is the month that we celebrate the hispanic heritage, their culture, and their language. The U.S would have festivals and parades for them. We also study their heritage and culture in school and learn how they celebrate certain holidays. They make papel picado and mexican flowers to decorate for holidays, parties, and events. We learned about all of this while writing this report. Hispanic heritage month is between September 15 and October 15. It’s a month where people in the United States celebrate the hispanic and latino american contributions to the U.S. and their culture. We celebrate it by having festivals gatherings and in some school do educational activities.…show more content…
The day celebrates the language, the and nationalities in mexico, south america, and central america. It's kind of our way of showing our appreciation of their contributions throughout history. We celebrate it with parades, and festivals in their honor. Mexico’s independence day is on September 16th. Mexico celebrates their independence practically the same way we celebrate ours. With fireworks, and parties, and make food. Mexico also decorates every thing with their flag, and make flowers and confetti with the colors of the flag (red, white, and green.) During the parades they blow whistles, and throw confetti shouting “Viva Mexico” or "Viva la independencia” throughout the crowds. All schools, businesses, banks, and government offices are closed. There are even some roads that are closed just for this holiday. Papel Picado is decorative craft paper that has been cut into designs. It is commonly tissue paper that gets cut by small chisels and guide. Doing this can make up to 40 banners at time because the tissue paper is so thin. Papel picado is commonly made for special celebrations or just for decoration. It is especially used for alters during the day of the dead. For the day of the dead people will cut out skulls, or skeletons into the tissue paper use it to decorate places throughout the day. Or people can make it just to decorate their house if they want

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