B. Gunnar Myrdal's 'The Feminine Mystique'

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Jotirmoy Kundu Modern History Questions for reading Assignment #1 Due Sept 18th A. A. Philip Randolph is a civil rights leader in the 1940s that led the sleeping car porters. He demanded that FDR create the Fair employment practices employment (FEDC) to oversee things. B. Norman Rockwell was a famous illustrator. He was known for his cover of the magazine, The Saturday Evening Post. C. Branch Rickey broke the color barrier in MLB. He signed Jackie Robinson. D. Gunnar Myrdal is the author of An American Dilemma. The book was about the irony of how America is supposed to be free while there is black oppression E. Betty Friedan is the author of “The Feminine Mystique”. The book sparked a new consciousness among woman and sparked a second…show more content…
Veterans came back from the war and there first priority was to get a job. The GI Bill of rights helped veterans that returned home and encouraged them to go to school and gave them unemployment benefits. Answer the following questions in a paragraph at least 5 sentences long Ye 1. How were the veterans treated when they returned to the United States following World War II? After the war, the soldiers returned back to the United States. When they came back, the GI Bill of Rights came out which helped veterans by encouraging them to go to school. Houses were also built in suburban areas for soldiers and this also led to the boom in the automobile industry. When they returned, a lot of divorce was occurring and a lot of veterans were unemployed, which was highly unjust. 2. Name four ways that World War II changed the lives of women in the United States After World War II, the lives of women in the United States changed drastically. More women worked and found jobs outside of home. Women have changed their traditional roles of being housewives and stay at home moms and started taking up jobs that men have. There was also the development of the All-American Girls Baseball League. Minority woman were also given opportunities for working too so the racial barrier

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