Setting In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Setting clearly functions as character in “The Most Dangerous Game” from Richard Connell’s incorporation of conflict throughout the unraveling of this demoralized story. Shiptrap, the Island itself captures Sanger Rainsford from society into a world of it’s own. When Rainsford falls overboard his ship he does not have any other choice, but to swim to the island or drown in the sea. “All he knew was that he was safe from his enemy, the sea, and utter weariness was upon him.” pg. 26 The insidious General Zaroff has invited Rainsford to stay in his home on Shiptrap, but once Rainsford has been given his room. His door has been locked to keep him from escaping the Cossack. “He sought to throw open the door; it would not open. He went to the window and looked…show more content…
His room was high up in one of the towers.” pg. 34 Rainsford is at a disadvantage in the game because Zaroff is aware of the entire island. The first night Rainsford is scrambling to get as far into the jungle to keep away from Zaroff. He notices that he has created a straight path, but begins to lure Zaroff away from him. This mistake leads Rainsford to almost losing the game just as it has begun. “He saw the straight flight was futile; inevitably it would bring him face to face with the sea.” “I’ll give him a trail to follow,” muttered Rainsford, and he struck off from the rude path he had been following into the trackless wilderness.” pg. 36 When morning rises Rainsford heads for another area of the island after his close encounter with death, but the quicksand almost kills him before the Cossack has a chance. “Then, he stepped forward; his foot sank in the ooze. He tried to wrench it back, but the muck sucked viciously at his foot as if it were a giant leech. With a violent effort, he tore his feet loose. He knew where he was now. Death Swamp and its quicksand.” pg. 38 Rainsford is awoken the next morning to the hounds that enclose him at the edge of a cliff above

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