Resilience Action Plan

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I will build two action plans to build my resilience and optimism. One is for work and one is for my daily life. Plan1: Build resilience and optimism in my daily life -When: start from now -Where: in my daily life -How I build them I will start building my resilience from different aspects. Physical: do more body workouts since disciplinary exercises will increase the cognitive speed; Get to sleep and wake up on schedule; Keep a good habit on hygiene, and make myself look neat and clean. Social: I think this is one of the most important factors in building my resilience. Studies show that people will be better in coping with the adversity when they have strong social network to support themselves (Warrell, 2015). I will look for friends or groups who can enlighten me on emotion or information I need and try to learn their ways of coping with adversity. Also, during my spare time, I will cultivate some hobbies and try to participate in more activities that can open my mind and help me come…show more content…
Improving the capabilities of resilience will deny the opinion that employees are less resilient and pessimistic to cope with work stress (Harvey et al, 2014). If I show my optimistic attitudes and strong ability to cope with difficulties to my work, my colleagues around me will be positively inspired by my attitudes. So resilience and optimism are ways to think about challenges. In the workplace, I will find out what I can do well first because it will help me to give myself confidence. Secondly, when having difficulties in working, try to remember my previous achievement and how I cope with the difficulties last time and what kind of strategies I used last time. And then see whether the same way can be applied on the current situation. If succeed, I will be empowered. If not, I will still be optimistic because this is an opportunity to accumulate work experience (Lowinger,

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