Tiresias In Oedipus The King

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Initially, the prophet Tiresias shows great hesitation and is disinclined in divulging the truth of what he sees to Oedipus. Tiresias’s revelation and insight would undoubtedly be very damaging to the unwitting king and as such would not be a welcomed one. Tiresias did not want to intervene on events that had already been set in stone by the gods and further perpetuate or enrage the king with his prophecy. The seer advises that once the truth is out in the open there would be no going back from it. Although the king had been cautioned numerous times, he was indeed relentless and so Tiresias eventually gave his prophesy stating, “I say that you are the murderer whom you seek” (Sophocles, c. 430 B.C.E.). Assuredly, a slew of other proclamations

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