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In Hamlet by Shakespeare Prince Hamlet must avenge the death of his father. Prince Hamlet is tasked with killing Claudius; his uncle and new father, because Claudius poisoned Hamlets father. Hamlet consistently shies away from killing Claudius because religion creeps into his head and how his action would determine everyones afterlife. Religion is an underlying theme and is constantly there effecting their decisions. This play takes place in the idea of religion and is the bases for the characters motives, such as King Hamlet coming back and talking Hamlet, Hamlet avenging his father's death and how he approaches it and the constant option of suicide . Hamlets father; king Hamlet comes to earth from hell because her spirit is unrested and…show more content…
Before Hamlet makes his first attempt to kill claudius or even truly knows if he committed the crime he sets up a play reenacting the murder scene and observe claudius's reaction hoping it will give him the answer he's looking for. Hamlet sets up the play and gets the reaction he was expecting revealing that Claudius did kill Hamlets father. Now knowing the answer Hamlet knows the ghost of his father was actually his father and not the devil trying to deceive him; he also knows he would not be committing a sin because he is defending his father. The second major time when he is presented with the opportunity to end Claudiouses life he once again backs down because of a factor from religion. When Hamlet has this opportunity Claudius is on his knees and confessing to his sins leading Hamlet to believe that killing him in that moment would only send himself to hell for killing a now innocent person and and sending Claudius straight to heaven which is not carrying out his promise to his father if Claudius gets to go to heaven and King Hamlet is stuck in hell. When Hamlet finally kills Claudius he forces him to drink the poison after he had just caused the death of his wife which was a sin also it would be considered suicide. Hamlet said he was going to kill him while hes in the midst of sin so thats why he made him drink the poison. He made him do it the also because he was dying himself and was

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