Comparison Between 'Ourselves And Others'

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The collection “Ourselves and Others “ begins with a quote by Barbra Jordan that states, “We, as human beings, must be willing to accept people who are different from ourselves.” There are three main selections that portray this quote, “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson, a short documentary, “My So Called Enemy,” by Lisa Gossels, and an editorial, “American Flag Stands for Tolerance,” by Ronald J. Allen. “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson was a very controversial story when it came out in the year of 1948. Ms. Jackson writes about a small village that sounds so peaceful and quiet, but when a dark secret is unveiled in the middle of the story the whole story is flipped upside down. In this town a very odd tradition, “the lottery,” happens yearly and when it does things get a lot quieter in this village. When you are chosen for the lottery it is no longer a prize, but a death sentence. In the story when the lottery is about ready to start our…show more content…
These girls have grown up and learned that each other are nothing but enemies. The girls are taught to overcome the problems in their countries, and learn to become friends with one another. “ How can you solve the conflict if you keep going back to say out whose fault it is? It’s like two kids telling their moms ‘he started it!’ Okay move on! People are dying! What’s next? Are we still going to talk about whose fault it is” (Gal)? Ms. Gossels made the documentary to prove that it is okay to be different, and you can solve your differences. When your parents are afraid of something should you be afraid too? No because that is them not you. Just because you are supposed to be enemies with someone does not mean you have to. They can be your friend or the love of your life. Push aside the past, and open up a whole new

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