Monotheistic Religion Research Paper

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Christianity, Islam and Judaism are three of the most influential monotheistic religions in the world today. Amongst the three religions Christianity is the largest religion with the largest amount of 2.3 followers of about followed by Islam with 2billion followers and twelfth, Judaism with approximately 14 million followers (Religion facts). These religions have their similar and different believes and ways of practicising their beliefs but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they are all monotheistic religion, they serve and worship one God. Their religious practices and rituals range from birth ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, Funerals, time and day of worship, prayers, fasting and lots more. The religious practices vary in…show more content…
In it is done in the three religions but it done in different ways and has different meanings depending on the religion. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the penis in a male child. Circumcision is performed on the eight day after the birth of the male child. In the bible it was a sign of the commandment between Abraham and God. In Judaism circumcision is taken very seriously and it is compulsory. If a male Jew is not circumcised after birth they can do it when they are older. In Judaism the practice is known as Brit Milah and it is only allowed to be done by a Mohel (Tracey Rich, 1995). During circumcision event the child is held by their godparent. There is also an empty chair that is set aside to symbolize the presence of Prophet Elijah, who rebuked those that did not perform this ritual (Tracey Rich, 1995). If a Jewish male is not circumcised it is seen as a taboo. In Islam the reason for circumcision is cleanliness and there have been debates whether it is compulsory or it is just seen as an essential act. Some Imams see it as a compulsory practice while others see as just a required act that needs to be done. Likewise in Christianity it is not necessarily a compulsory act but it is seen as a necessary act that is performed when male children are born and they also do it to fulfill the promise that Abraham made with God. Although all of them practice circumcision only Jewish people take it serious and have certain procedures that they follow to do it. The other two, Islam and Christianity see it as necessity that has to perform when the child is

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