Hydrogen Peroxides Effectiveness On Mold Essay

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Hydrogen Peroxides Effectiveness on Mold “3…2…1…Blastoff! The Space X Dragon has lifted off the ground!” Dragon? Lifted off the ground? The objective of Race to Space is to have any number of kids generate an awesome experiment that can be shot up into space. When our class selected groups I ended up in a group with Makaih, Nick, Brandon, and me. I enjoyed this group because I knew Makaih and Nick at the time. This the way that we came up with our experiment: Makaih found a yam in his garbage can that was decaying and wondered if a typical household cleaner, hydrogen peroxide could exterminate the mold. Our team thought that this would be an excellent idea and that is why it ended up being the seed of our experiment. I drove over to Makaih’s house and preformed the experiment. The outcome was a decline in mold, but certainly not a complete…show more content…
I thought that we might have a possibility to win because our experiment actually helped the astronauts. The following morning as I went to school, I was expectant. I didn’t think that my team and I were going to be in the top three, but I still had hope. When the librarian, Mrs. Woitivich, finally exclaimed the results the suspense grew. When she announced that two of the top three were from our class, it was if a bomb exploded. However, when Mrs. Woitivich declared “Hydrogen Peroxide’s Effectiveness on Mold,” I thought a bomb had burst inside of me. At that point, I decided that I would win. As I got dressed in my crimson red tie, bleached white shirt, and charcoal black pants and shoes, I was extremely excited. I was in Florida for the rocket launch! I felt like a child on Christmas morning, waiting to open presents. As the moment came closer, the tension grew. When the bus arrived at the NASA building, the location where I would watch the rocket hurl into outer space, I

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