Relative Poverty In The UK

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The UK is a developed country with very large income differences. Its residents all vary above and below the poverty line. In the UK if a household earns 60% less than the average income (£40, 000 a year for a family according to the BBC) HBAI (households below average income) considers them to be living in poverty. According to the Department for Work and Pensions the number of people living in absolute poverty in the UK is 10.6 million while the number of people living in relative poverty has fallen by 100,000. (LabourList, 2014) “Absolute poverty is poverty defined as lacking the minimum requirements to maintain human health and life” (Browne, 2011, p419) Absolute poverty is when you can’t afford the things necessary to live such as food, water and housing. “Relative poverty is poverty in relation to a generally accepted standard of living in a specific society at a particular time” (Browne, 2011, p420) Relative poverty is when you can afford…show more content…
The subculture I have chosen is chavs. I’ve chosen chavs because they typically live in poverty due to bad upbringing and low or no education. Chavs are usually identified by the way they dress such as, wearing tracksuits, trainers, Burberry caps and “bling” although these things are normally fake or not branded the type of clothes chavs wear can sometimes be fairly expensive but they are still typically associated with living in poverty. Chavs can also be identified by their attitudes against authority and the good of society. Chavs are usually said to be in low paid menial jobs such as working in fast food restaurants, supermarkets, bars, as cleaner, hairdressers, mechanics, plumbers, roofers, beauticians etc. (Chavdom, 2008) Chavs are also usually on benefits if they aren’t employed, too lazy to look for a job and relying on the fact the government will pay them to lie around all day doing

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