Relationships In Bitter End

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Humans naturally have elaborate relationships with their acquaintances. Sometimes these correlations associate with mutual feelings of happiness and love; but occasionally, the emotions are the exact opposite. Often, novels focusing on romance tend to have an unrealistic ratio of love and rage. Jennifer Brown breaks the stereotype of relationships constantly being unproblematic in her book Bitter End. After transferring schools in need of an English tutor, Cole is paired with the expert writer: Alex. They soon start dating and through all his negative comments and violent acts towards her, she realizes she fell in love with a monster. Alex makes multiple attempts to escape their flawed relationship; each time, Cole abuses her even more and fills her mind with terror, forcing Alex…show more content…
Alex is at her friend, Zack’s, house casually hanging out as they always do; but Cole has a different perception of what occurred inside Zack’s home. Both Alex and Cole avoid each other, but unwillingly interact during their study session. Cole walks in late, forcefully seizes Alex’s hand and shoves her onto the floor in a private room at school, “He stood over me, breathing hard through flared nostrils like an animal” (Brown 194). Cole is furious due to his belief that she is cheating on him. Alex is forced into a considerably difficult situation where she has to choose between her safety and the “love of her life”. Alex processes her emotions; not disrupting the dead silence, Alex thinks to herself, “We would break up now. It would all be over” (Brown 199). Alex recognizes that it is critical to her life for her to forsake their troubled relationship. She also realizes that Cole is the source of her misery, not her happiness. Therefore, even though an individual is acquainted with someone who is causing a myriad of obstacles for them, that said individual needs to expel them from their

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